Notes from Seminar: 2.1.08

Seminar: February 1, 2008

Attendance: Brian, Pete, Michelle, Tory, Mollie, Jeremy, Maria



“Show and Tell” websites

  • Brian:
    • Rebuilding the Ninth Ward (url address unknown)
    • Podcast interviews with a picture showing the person speaking: frame the questions, the entire structure is based on how the question is framed; you can’t remove yourself completely from the process (dishonest?)
    • Took about 45 minutes to do a 3-minute interview
  • Pete:
    • (website unknown: google Daniel Meadows? Photobus?)
    • Digital storytelling: Photobus
    • [we watched “Scissors by Daniel Meadows”]
    • 2 min. 12 seconds, digital storytelling
    • Shows examples of digital storytelling (audio tells a story with photographs and movement of photographs illustrating the ideas, concepts, plot) so that other people can attempt it
    • Resources: tutorials
  • Michelle:
    • Polar Inertia
    • Journal of nomadic and popular culture
    • Online magazine (every two months), photographs, not a lot of text
    • Some text describing the photo journal and then there are 10-15 pictures to describe a particular topic, culture, or thing [we looked at the scooters of Ho Chi Minh in the May/June 2005 archives)
    • Photographers send in their photographs to the site and they put them in the magazine
  • Michelle:
    • Pictures and talking at the same time
    • [looked at the “Arcana Hotel” reportage]
    • Magazine on art/culture: aimed at well-travelled, well-educated person; interesting cultural tidbits [Brian’s friend works for the magazine]
  • Tory:
    • [watched Experience Poverty in Laos]
    • Documentaries, podcasts, news/issues page; also you can log-in and submit your own
    • Very similar to what we’re looking for to do with Placemaker, add tutorials and information on how to create and use multimedia
  • Tory:
    • Blogs on the built and natural environment (fits with theme)
  • Brian:
    • Sociologist and photographer
    • Navigate through maps; take you to a view of a certain area
  • Brian:
    • Robin Amer: Reconstructing Eagle Square
    • All audio; intro and interviews
  • Khairul/Professor Forester:
    • Mapping of Route 66, can click on different spots on google map and pictures and information pops up about the location
  • Brian:
    • Blogs about the built environment (image and text)


Brainstorming our interests:


Photos combined with interviews of people’s experience (Halpern)

Audio slideshows



Mondays for “Lunch” meetings if necessary


One Response to “Notes from Seminar: 2.1.08”

  1. placemakermedia Says:

    Nice work summarizing the first seminar; keeps us Romans in the loop! It’ll be nice if everyone submits their URL for their sites so we can visit those sites and use them as a resource when necessary.

    – Khairul

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