The Placemaker Manifesto


Placemaker is more than just a magazine. We are a media research team that chronicles and shares the very best ideas shaping our built environment and communities, using a mix of different media. Not just articles, but blogs, wikis, videos, podcasts, Flash animations, slideshows, maps, models and more.

Mixed media allows communication across professions, be it practitioner or academic, architect, engineer or planner. It means that information and research can be stored and shared in a variety of formats, which are accessible to a wide audience. In this way, innovative work isn’t allowed to disappear. Because when the best ideas are collected and made accessible to everyone, we have the best chance of influencing the world around us.


1. To create a public platform—managed, moderated and driven by Cornell University students—for the presentation, analysis and discourse of the most innovative practices and most salient issues relating to the urban environment.
2. To create such a platform through the utilization of multiple media formats which are accessible to practitioners and stakeholder groups beyond the university so as not to monopolize the creation and sharing of such knowledge within a university setting.
3. To enable anyone, anywhere, and at any time to participate in this forum through education (in the ways of publishing in different media) and an open request for submissions.
4. To encourage interaction between the various fields involved in shaping the urban environment through the work involved in running such a platform, research, content production, and the exposure received from the information published.


One Response to “The Placemaker Manifesto”

  1. This is a great idea! If you are only looking for student participants, please contact NONAP Intern Yang Gu to discuss his innovative approach to developing internet mapping services in New Orleans. He is also in the process of working with a student team who is data mining for a NeoGeography website that will support the recovery of New Orleans.

    Please let me know how I can help!

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