Seminar Notes 4.25.08

Attendance: Tory, Brian, Mollie, Michelle, Eric, Maria, Jeremy, and Professor Forester

There will be no Placemaker seminar next week (Slope Day). We will have our final seminar/meeting of the semester on Monday, May 12 at noon to watch the Placemaker group’s EcoVillage video and eat pizza. 🙂

Web 2.0 Summit Video (google Web 2.0 Summit)

New Media, Documentary, and the City: A Guide (

  • New site, made by Brian, with examples, tutorials, and references of each of the topics that he created on the spreadsheet of connectivity between media (spreadsheet uploaded on this blog previously)
  • Everyone can comment, not just people who are registered bloggers

Do more/different for next year: Evaluation of this seminar

  • Project earlier in the semester
  • clearer description of Placemaker v. Seminar v. Project
  • More project-based, interactive
  • More guests
  • More integration of tutorials
  • Different time? Afternoons on Friday are difficult…

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