Seminar 4.18.08

Attendance: Tory, Ashley, Pete, Eric, Maria, Michelle, Mollie, Jeremy, Professor Forester

Web 2.0 (YouTube)

  • Interactive, social networking systems, tagging (folksonomy), advertisers’ paradise, opensource projects, collaboration on the web
  • Web 2.0: Googlemaps, flickr,, digg, and technorati ( convenient way to bookmark on one webpage, group it all by different tags/topics; you put your favorite websites in one place

  • Login, register and add a toolbar: could we use this to organize our websites for this class?

  • If you think something is “cool”, you can DIGG It…based on popularity, sites that are “dug” more are shared on the site

  • Search engine for blogs

Eric’s Tutorial on GooglePages

  • New page:
  • to create your own
  • very easy to edit; similar to WordPress (this blog)
  • “Add your place on the net with us”: check this out to make sure the site goes on the google site
  • Difference between Blog (WordPress) and Website (Google): WordPress adds posts one by one after each other, website allows you to make multiple pages; webpage allows you to control every aspect of the pages, WordPress has a format that needs to be there


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