Seminar Notes: 3-28-08

Attendance: Mollie, Michelle, Jeremy, Brian, Pete, Maria, Professor Forester, Ashley, Eric

Professor Forester:

  • gave a handout—part of the book Documentary by Erik Barnouw, a film studies professor at Columbia University.
  • presence of the camera biases/affects what you’re watching
  • use camera as a provocation/part of action—leads to new behavior to explore


  • movies on different things happening on the streets. one on moving to a new place using only bicycles
  • in Bogota, Colombia—promoting bicycle use, they close off streets on Sundays—called Ciclovia
  • Website is to promote alternatives to using cars
  • we watched a few minutes of the video on the Ciclovia in Bogota
  • you don’t need a lot of money to participate, it’s inclusive
  • political story of how the Ciclovia came into being?


  • black & white photojournalism
  • one project on a remote village in Cuba
  • Maria likes the black&white—more effective than color. She thinks with color, you’d pay more attention to scenery, b&w you focus more on the people.
  • b&w also eliminates color clashes
  • digital storytelling
  • simple layout, but the website is a little crazy
  • “face to face” explores what it means to be American with the face of the enemy


  • website about shrinking cities—Cleveland
  •—international project
  • cities are losing populations, strategies to better utilize resources
  • urban agriculture, city gardening, etc
  • started out of Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Detroit shrinking cities website gives some more info
  • on web, search through different cities to find more info
  • exhibits around different cities with multimedia info
  • good exhibit, bad website design


  • postmodern era where nation-state boundaries are not recognized anymore
  • global interconnectedness
  • different videos, good setup of website
  • layout similar to youtube
  • “about” section is very text-heavy
  • power of visual image…inspire people to take action


  • University of North Carolina and a university in Arequipa, Peru worked together on stories about the “white city,” Arequipa
  • videos on the culture of the white city. ways of life, music, ties to the land, industry, empowerment
  • really good layout of website, easy to navigate and looks pretty—kind of like the concept of photosynth
  • fun website, but not really useful:—kind of like combining flickr with google maps. People can upload their own photos.
  • how-to photography site
  • Sim-Cam: has a photo, gives options for different shutter speeds and other settings and shows how the original photo would then look with the different setting.


  • sustainable, walkable, urban centers

Two weeks from today Eric will give a short (15 min) tutorial on getting started with google pages.


2 Responses to “Seminar Notes: 3-28-08”

  1. Interesting, thank you.

  2. For Michelle – We are starting a Ciclovia in Balimore this fall americanized to Sunday Streets. I’d love to konw how your project goes. Thanks!
    Greg Cantori

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