Seminar Notes: 3.14.08

Attendance: Tory, Brian, Eric, Mollie, Pete, Ashley, Maria, Professor Forester [Professor Forester]

  • very simple video editor, free
  • Tory is going to create an audio slideshow about Dragon Day (which was today)
  • Professor Forester shared some of his “experiments” with Jumpcut

Regional Equity ’08 Conference [Brian]

  • Presented his audio clips (interviews of people affected by New Orleans disaster): actual photographs of people with CD players that played the audio
  • Most of the stuff at the conference was on a lower level of technology use, which was a little disappointing, but it is also exciting since our seminar is working on a high level it seems
  • Will make copies of a few pages of a report
  • Audio/photo hybrid: very accessible for the public online, best way to present this kind of information. Don’t just do something through the internet, because that limits the access of the project. Conference was really useful to get the word out about his internet site. Use print publications and exhibits as well as internet websites.
  • What really struck people at the conference [Forester] about the audio and the photos? Brian: people see the photographs and the CD player but they don’t really see the connection between the photo with the CD player. People got very excited once they learned (from Brian) what the exhibit was all about. Organizations don’t have lots of money for hands-on exhibits, so the internet might be more useful/resourceful for them.
  • Like the interactivity; people can switch, control the pace on their own. (Rather than having a slideshow on a projector)

Cornell University: Solar Decathhlon, [Pete]

  • Informational site; eloquent, nicely designed site about the project
  • Diagrams, pictures, text
  • Maybe people to talk to for the EcoVillage/Sustainability project
  • Maybe these will be people who could contribute to Placemaker in the next few years?

EcoVillage Project:

  • Maria, Tory, Mollie, and Eric will be working on this project for Placemaker
  • Home Green Home (on the Commons) lives there [someone to interview, Ashley knows him]
  • Maybe ask them “what they are in 2008” rather than their “history” [Professor Forester]
  • Dept. Chair of LA: Peter Trowbridge lives next to EcoVillage [someone to interview, suggested by Pete]

Digital Journalist ‘magazine’, [Eric]

  • about photography rather than displaying photography projects
  • How do you create movement within maps? GIS doesn’t do that…

Flight Patterns (YouTube): shows airplane flight patterns using moving vectors [Eric]

Highly Skilled Air Traffic Controller (YouTube): discussion of using music, what music is appropriate? [Eric]

What is Kevin’s Gearbag: [Professor Forester]

  • Kevin had a short interview on NPR: Yahoo News, said that they need flexible, adaptable technology devices to get information back to news sources quickly

Chart: everybody come in with 5 examples for each seminar for the chart so that we have a large compilation of examples for these documents

  • Comments: Tory thinks there should be a row of tutorials (how to do something) in addition to examples (things that have been done)

Have a great Spring Break!


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      Check it out; Ashely mentioned this exhibit to me after class, and I saw it last year at the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative. It’s a really awesome exhibit, full of visual and interview material. Enjoy!


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