Media Hybrids and Types

In Microsoft Word format, Brian Rosa’s creations for the seminar. We’re going to review and update these charts with examples of these media types. Please comment with suggestions on how to improve the charts if you can.

Spreadsheet of Media Hybrids

Spreadsheet of Media Types


One Response to “Media Hybrids and Types”

  1. Eric O'Hanlon Says:

    For the “Media Types” Chart, I have a few examples for each type.



    Photo (though some of these contain video, or photos with audio):

    Mapping/GIS Software – Arcexplorer
    “ArcExplorer is a lightweight GIS data viewer written in Java that is used to perform basic GIS functions (e.g., view, navigate, and query). It is a downloadable application that operates in a stand-alone environment and does not need to connect to a server. ArcExplorer is heavily used in the education world and runs on both Windows and Apple Macintosh computers.”

    Text: Well…plain text is tricky, because in most cases, text is accompanied by images . Though for a high text to image ratio, the New York Times Magazine can be pretty good. Often, the images aren’t even that necessary for a good understanding of a piece in the magazine.

    I also found this site:
    There seem to be a decent number of all-text articles. Journalistic style.

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