Jumpcut: free site for slideshows with audio

Check out http://www.jumpcut.com/

Thanks, Professor Forester, for finding this. 🙂 You can use Audacity to create sound files and then upload them to the Jumpcut site with pictures as a slideshow. Very, very cool, and it looks pretty easy to do too!



One Response to “Jumpcut: free site for slideshows with audio”

  1. Eric O'Hanlon Says:

    This Week: Friday March 7, 2008:
    More things to add from the site, digitaljournalist.org. (:

    -Intro to the November 2007 issue.

    http://digitaljournalist.org – Seems to be a site about how jornalism has affected people and how it has been changing. How media works.
    In “About Us” section, a large group of experienced journalists with different backgrounds coming together to create something.

    -Article about film vs. digital photography.

    -Article about what’s behind getting a shot. What gets you to the place that you need to be.
    -Conversational, personal articles. Interesting to read. Visuals are essential.

    -Great use of visuals here. Discussion of technology, once again conversational, visuals are a must.

    -Relating to maps and graphics. Tracking flight patterns across the US.

    -Higher quality version of the flight pattern video-graphic (with music).

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