Seminar Notes 2.29.08

Attendance: Michelle, Ashley, Eric, Mollie, Brian, Maria, Pete, Tory, Professor Forester

Welcome Ashley to the group!!

Maria’s Interview using Audacity! Interviewed Professor Jack Elliot (DEA) about his sustainability interests

  • Maria was looking for a 5-10 minute interview and it turned into 30 minutes! Did some editing, shared 4 min clip with us
  • Questions Maria asked him: What is his definition of “redesign”; what made him passionate about sustainability, how he promotes it in the classroom? How does he use the classroom?
  • Can hear passion, emotions in his voice
  • Next steps: can we bring pictures into the audio?
  • Maria’s Expectations: thought it would be informative but kind of boring? thought it would be a short interview –> instead, it went really well, not boring at all!
  • Software, Audacity: manageable, easy to use; likes the way it turned out
  • Ashley: read a study about how students can determine if they like a professor within 5 minutes of listening to the professor (audio or within a classroom)
  • hearing the author read their book over someone else; interpretation, tone
  • Next steps: put it on the blog, maybe put some pictures on it

Brian’s Charts of Multimedia

  • Will put it on the blog; please comment on them
  • Add column “Reference Materials” with tutorials, articles, information about the media
  • At the end of the semester, we’d like to have a comprehensive chart with examples and reference materials
  • Look over websites and send Brian sources for the chart to make it more complete

Eric’s Ideas

  • “Catch” the words to click on links, keep clicking on pages…you almost get lost! awesome timeline and maps that give you a good idea of the area
  • Click (bottom left): M=maps, T=timelin, G=Gallery
  • very artistic, lots of pictures

Rochester ArtWalk Project

  • ArtWalk’s Website:
  • Who’s interested in doing a project? Mollie, Eric, Maria, Tory, Ashley
  • Tory will get in contact with Stephen Miller for ArtWalk contact info to see what we can feasibly do from Cornell for the ArtWalk group
  • For future reference: Barett Lane and Karry Quinn (doing interviews in CRP 201 with ArtWalk people)

5 Responses to “Seminar Notes 2.29.08”

  1. Interesting link..


  2. Another great site for inspiration:

  3. Interesting Photo Journalism site:

  4. Also, one slight issue with Jahshaka:

    From the site:
    “We are pleased to announce that the jahshaka project has been liberated from its evil benefactors and is now free to get back to its roots and start building the high end visual effects tools it set out to deliver!

    For the past 2 years our project has been held up by a group of sponsors who had alternative goals when they took the project over, and these goals have resulted in very little progress and traction. As a result, instead of delivering the V3 that we set out to build, we were only just able to get Jahplayer v3 out the door.”

    I have been having trouble with version 2 (the current release), and it seems (from what I’ve read in the forum) that others are too. For some reason, at this point, the application no longer opens with the main editing window and I have no way of accessing the window, preferences, or anything else in the menus. It has stopped responding, unfortunately.

    I’d be happy to do a tutorial on iMovie or Final Cut Express, though Final Cut Express isn’t open-source. (Technically, I guess iMovie isn’t, but it does come with Mac OSX free of charge).
    I’ve gone through a few other open source video editing programs (Avidemux, HyperEngine-AV and ZS4 Video Editor), but they don’t seem to be extraordinarily functional compared to iMovie for Final Cut.

  5. I looked into some great campus sustainability websites, and Oberlin has the most interactive website out there that I can find!

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