Smart City Radio: Connecting Through Technology

Here’s a podcast from Smart City Radio. It’s about the influence technology is beginning to have with social networks and social chance. It talks about enabling social networking between people ‘without having organizations tell them what to do’, i.e. to learn and converse independently between themselves. That’s the spirit behind Placemaker!

From Smart City Radio:

Connecting Through Technology

New technologies are combining to change the way we influence our communities. In her book, Momentum, Allison Fine writes about these new technologies and how they are igniting social change in our connected age. Allison is a senior fellow on the Democracy Team at Demos: A Network for Change and Action in New York, and was the founder and Executive Director of Innovation Network.

You guys should check out the rest of the ‘Smart City Radio’ podcasts… it’s worth subscribing to.


2 Responses to “Smart City Radio: Connecting Through Technology”

  1. placemakermedia Says:

    I’m especially interested in this website, How strangely cool is this? You meet people over the internet based on your interests…I don’t know how this website relates to Placemaker but interesting.

  2. Eric O'Hanlon Says:

    Hey Everyone! I’m sorry about being absent in the class, I’ve been having tons of scheduling problems and I had trouble adding the class, but I think I can get all of that taken care of.
    Also, I have a lot of things that I want to talk about this week, if we have the time.

    My idea for a project:
    -Format for Placemaker Online magazine – Newspaper with moving images embedded (“Harry Potter” Style, you might say)? Extraordinarily interactive. Sharp, professional.

    Video options: Open-Source video editing program: Jahshaka.

    Though iMovie for Mac might be easier to deal with, this program seems to have a lot of extra functions:
    Animation potential (with painting too) and a variety of different effects.

    Also, Audio-text button next to every article (use of garageband and audacity was mentioned). Audio text-summary button next to every article title. It will be a new style of newspaper. Pages will look like standard newspaper pages.
    I liked the Smart City radio approach. Podcasts would go well along with articles.

    I really liked the Photosynth idea ( I was inspired by that. I-pod touch style of navigation. Newspaper where images zoom ( Something like that. Flash may be useful here.

    Also, with Flash:
    That’s the kind of stuff that we can make. Awesome possibilities.

    Brian and Pete were interested in learning how to use Flash:
    Flash demos:

    Flash also includes a tutorial, I believe, but video workshops are also very useful. This could also be good for our interest in using video to teach, relates to educational material (like Mollie is interested in) and we could consider using this technology for education for younger kids. Bright visuals could be captivating.

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