Seminar Notes: 2.15.08

Attendance: Tory, Brian, Pete, Mollie, Jeremy, Maria, Professor Forester [Eric is at the All-Ivy Environmental Fair]
Show and Tell:

  • Melloweb: creates multimedia educational documentaries
    • click on video to see his multimedia videos
    • the photographer shoots “up” at the interviewee; reverence?
    • What is Flash design? [click on multimedia under the heading “Melloweb”]
  • Urban Exposure: street and documentary photography
    • Why are these photographs interesting? What makes them interesting?
    • [we looked at Urban Decay project]
  • Photosynth: open-source photo libraries and attach geographical informtaion to the material; creates environment
  • TED: inspired talks by the words greatest thinkers and doers
    • : [search: photosynth]
    • Instead of having an image, they can composite an entire network over the web; you can continually focus in on the details of a photograph using everybody’s photos (open source photo network); make a model of the entire earth, grows in complexity as people use it
  • University of Virginia: multimedia for their online magazine


    • for general multimedia tools information
  • Audacity: Mac/PC, freeware; all you need is a mic and a computer; play around with it but it’s pretty easy to use to edit sound files after interviews
  • Garage Band: Mac [we took a look at this]
  • How to put together the audio with a picture or documentary? (hopefully we’ll be looking at this next week)


  • Tory would like to work with documentaries: interviewing people about their work and their neighborhood
  • Mollie would also like to do something within the community
    • Professor Forester: there might be some opportunity to document meetings in Ithaca
  • Jeremy would like to look at the EcoVillage and learn more about that
    • The Sustainability Coordinator at Cornell lives in the EcoVillage; maybe invite him (Dan) to talk to us and identify four or five people that are doing things around campus to make things more “sustainable”
    • Mollie is a member of the Sustainability Hub and could get student input
    • Maria has a professor (Elliott) who has a lot of experience working with sustainability issues (maybe she could do an interview)
  • Brian would like to learn how to use Flash design (Pete is also interested in Flash)
    • Maybe we can get a demo of Flash [there is a large computer lab with Flash capabilities in the Art Dept., ask Greg Halpern if we could get a demo]
  • Maria is interested in everything šŸ™‚
  • Mollie: maybe we could make something for younger kids? For education purposes?

For next week: brainstorm organizations we know, projects we might take


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