Seminar Notes: 2.8.08

Attendance: Tory, Becky, Brian, Mollie, Eric, Jeremy, Michelle, Maria, and Professor Forester

Introductions and Interests

Show and Tell:

  • Geography/Maps–LA River Exhibit:
    • Michelle knows the area personally; maps on the site make her see the river in a different way
    • 4 scenarios: Negligence, Restoration, Surrender, Green Streets: gives us scenarios of possibilities to act using map
    • Adding audio…would that help it? or hurt it? Having text: allows you to source the information, re-read the information; audio: people who have been there can guide you through the website [Michelle gave us some background on the site]
  • Blogs–Built Environment Blog:
    • Click on highlighted words–>links you to another site or definition of the word
    • Blogs: one user/developer of the site, links to other people’s blogs
  • Digital Storytelling–Design Hub:
    • “True Design”: a digital storytelling project; personal stories of working on design projects
    • [check out “Suzanne Boccalatte in True Design” and her stories about collection]
    • More personal; feel attachment to the viewer, to your audience; use of still pictures gives the creator more control over what they show the audience; good for conveying stories, maybe not all projects
  • Photo journalism–Travel :
    • Personal pictures; “a picture is worth a thousand words”…shows us emotion; text highlights information and gives you background, but the pictures are emphasized
  • Manual Slideshow with short text–Second Story Interactive Studios:
    • “strive to expand the possibilities of multimedia”
    • fed a little bit of information at once; picture after picture with a very short blurb to give information; text can distract from the image
    • when do we use text? how do we use text? why do we use text?
  • Video/Music/Speech–Barack Obama “Yes We Can” video:
    • Barack Obama’s speech with artists singing the words over his speech; many different people “lip-synching” Barack’s speech while he talks; specific words are written in text, for example “HOPE”, “VOTE”
    • adds music, performance; little content, elements of the speech (distracting? shows support, inspirational)
    • Black and white: gives it a historic documentary feel, “remembering”, historical [color choice is important)
  • Photography and Audio (Interview, personal story)–New Orleans:
    • having one large picture with text on top emphasizes the picture; video is very effective, link to story/article on the bottom
  • More links (from Maria) [we did not look at these during the seminar]:

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