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Seminar Notes 2.29.08

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Attendance: Michelle, Ashley, Eric, Mollie, Brian, Maria, Pete, Tory, Professor Forester

Welcome Ashley to the group!!

Maria’s Interview using Audacity! Interviewed Professor Jack Elliot (DEA) about his sustainability interests

  • Maria was looking for a 5-10 minute interview and it turned into 30 minutes! Did some editing, shared 4 min clip with us
  • Questions Maria asked him: What is his definition of “redesign”; what made him passionate about sustainability, how he promotes it in the classroom? How does he use the classroom?
  • Can hear passion, emotions in his voice
  • Next steps: can we bring pictures into the audio?
  • Maria’s Expectations: thought it would be informative but kind of boring? thought it would be a short interview –> instead, it went really well, not boring at all!
  • Software, Audacity: manageable, easy to use; likes the way it turned out
  • Ashley: read a study about how students can determine if they like a professor within 5 minutes of listening to the professor (audio or within a classroom)
  • hearing the author read their book over someone else; interpretation, tone
  • Next steps: put it on the blog, maybe put some pictures on it

Brian’s Charts of Multimedia

  • Will put it on the blog; please comment on them
  • Add column “Reference Materials” with tutorials, articles, information about the media
  • At the end of the semester, we’d like to have a comprehensive chart with examples and reference materials
  • Look over websites and send Brian sources for the chart to make it more complete

Eric’s Ideas

  • “Catch” the words to click on links, keep clicking on pages…you almost get lost! awesome timeline and maps that give you a good idea of the area
  • Click (bottom left): M=maps, T=timelin, G=Gallery
  • very artistic, lots of pictures

Rochester ArtWalk Project

  • ArtWalk’s Website:
  • Who’s interested in doing a project? Mollie, Eric, Maria, Tory, Ashley
  • Tory will get in contact with Stephen Miller for ArtWalk contact info to see what we can feasibly do from Cornell for the ArtWalk group
  • For future reference: Barett Lane and Karry Quinn (doing interviews in CRP 201 with ArtWalk people)

Smart City Radio: Connecting Through Technology

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Here’s a podcast from Smart City Radio. It’s about the influence technology is beginning to have with social networks and social chance. It talks about enabling social networking between people ‘without having organizations tell them what to do’, i.e. to learn and converse independently between themselves. That’s the spirit behind Placemaker!

From Smart City Radio:

Connecting Through Technology

New technologies are combining to change the way we influence our communities. In her book, Momentum, Allison Fine writes about these new technologies and how they are igniting social change in our connected age. Allison is a senior fellow on the Democracy Team at Demos: A Network for Change and Action in New York, and was the founder and Executive Director of Innovation Network.

You guys should check out the rest of the ‘Smart City Radio’ podcasts… it’s worth subscribing to.

Seminar Notes: 2.15.08

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Attendance: Tory, Brian, Pete, Mollie, Jeremy, Maria, Professor Forester [Eric is at the All-Ivy Environmental Fair]
Show and Tell:

  • Melloweb: creates multimedia educational documentaries
    • click on video to see his multimedia videos
    • the photographer shoots “up” at the interviewee; reverence?
    • What is Flash design? [click on multimedia under the heading “Melloweb”]
  • Urban Exposure: street and documentary photography
    • Why are these photographs interesting? What makes them interesting?
    • [we looked at Urban Decay project]
  • Photosynth: open-source photo libraries and attach geographical informtaion to the material; creates environment
  • TED: inspired talks by the words greatest thinkers and doers
    • : [search: photosynth]
    • Instead of having an image, they can composite an entire network over the web; you can continually focus in on the details of a photograph using everybody’s photos (open source photo network); make a model of the entire earth, grows in complexity as people use it
  • University of Virginia: multimedia for their online magazine


    • for general multimedia tools information
  • Audacity: Mac/PC, freeware; all you need is a mic and a computer; play around with it but it’s pretty easy to use to edit sound files after interviews
  • Garage Band: Mac [we took a look at this]
  • How to put together the audio with a picture or documentary? (hopefully we’ll be looking at this next week)


  • Tory would like to work with documentaries: interviewing people about their work and their neighborhood
  • Mollie would also like to do something within the community
    • Professor Forester: there might be some opportunity to document meetings in Ithaca
  • Jeremy would like to look at the EcoVillage and learn more about that
    • The Sustainability Coordinator at Cornell lives in the EcoVillage; maybe invite him (Dan) to talk to us and identify four or five people that are doing things around campus to make things more “sustainable”
    • Mollie is a member of the Sustainability Hub and could get student input
    • Maria has a professor (Elliott) who has a lot of experience working with sustainability issues (maybe she could do an interview)
  • Brian would like to learn how to use Flash design (Pete is also interested in Flash)
    • Maybe we can get a demo of Flash [there is a large computer lab with Flash capabilities in the Art Dept., ask Greg Halpern if we could get a demo]
  • Maria is interested in everything 🙂
  • Mollie: maybe we could make something for younger kids? For education purposes?

For next week: brainstorm organizations we know, projects we might take

Andrea Hammer to visit on Monday! Be there!

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Andrea Hammer will be meeting with us on Monday from 12:15-1:15 to talk about her work with audio documentaries. We will meet in our regular room, Sibley 115.

Ideas to Improve the Seminar

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“Comment” here if you have ideas on how to improve the seminar or work more effectively

Post your websites here!

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“Comment” under this post and paste your website links here so it’s easier for us to look at the sites. 🙂

Seminar Notes: 2.8.08

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Attendance: Tory, Becky, Brian, Mollie, Eric, Jeremy, Michelle, Maria, and Professor Forester

Introductions and Interests

Show and Tell:

  • Geography/Maps–LA River Exhibit:
    • Michelle knows the area personally; maps on the site make her see the river in a different way
    • 4 scenarios: Negligence, Restoration, Surrender, Green Streets: gives us scenarios of possibilities to act using map
    • Adding audio…would that help it? or hurt it? Having text: allows you to source the information, re-read the information; audio: people who have been there can guide you through the website [Michelle gave us some background on the site]
  • Blogs–Built Environment Blog:
    • Click on highlighted words–>links you to another site or definition of the word
    • Blogs: one user/developer of the site, links to other people’s blogs
  • Digital Storytelling–Design Hub:
    • “True Design”: a digital storytelling project; personal stories of working on design projects
    • [check out “Suzanne Boccalatte in True Design” and her stories about collection]
    • More personal; feel attachment to the viewer, to your audience; use of still pictures gives the creator more control over what they show the audience; good for conveying stories, maybe not all projects
  • Photo journalism–Travel :
    • Personal pictures; “a picture is worth a thousand words”…shows us emotion; text highlights information and gives you background, but the pictures are emphasized
  • Manual Slideshow with short text–Second Story Interactive Studios:
    • “strive to expand the possibilities of multimedia”
    • fed a little bit of information at once; picture after picture with a very short blurb to give information; text can distract from the image
    • when do we use text? how do we use text? why do we use text?
  • Video/Music/Speech–Barack Obama “Yes We Can” video:
    • Barack Obama’s speech with artists singing the words over his speech; many different people “lip-synching” Barack’s speech while he talks; specific words are written in text, for example “HOPE”, “VOTE”
    • adds music, performance; little content, elements of the speech (distracting? shows support, inspirational)
    • Black and white: gives it a historic documentary feel, “remembering”, historical [color choice is important)
  • Photography and Audio (Interview, personal story)–New Orleans:
    • having one large picture with text on top emphasizes the picture; video is very effective, link to story/article on the bottom
  • More links (from Maria) [we did not look at these during the seminar]: